Woodland Plastics

We specialize in custom injection molding of thermoset and thermoplastic materials in the automotive, electrical, appliance, oil and gas, and general industrial industries. 

Benefits of Thermoset Plastics
Corrosion and Steam Resistant
Excellent Chemical and Dimensional Stability
Excellent Thermal Properties
Heat Resistant
High Dielectric Strength
High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Low Creep/Shrink
Superior Thermal Insulation

Thermoset Molding

As a custom thermoset molder, we offer injection, injection-compression, & insert molding services of thermoset materials such as Phenolic resins, Bulk Molding Compounds (BMCs), Epoxies, & Diallyl Phthalates (DAPs).

Our customers rely on us as a trusted thermoset molding supplier to provide expertise in applications experiencing high heat stability, metal-to-thermoset conversion, & lightweighting/cost reduction efforts.

Engineering and Tooling Services

With integrated manufacturing services, we offer support in engineering, tooling and material selection to effectively and efficiently get your product or component assembly out to market. By utilizing our thermoset molding expertise, we can help enhance manufacturability and reduce costs at all stages of development for your product.

Assembly and Sourcing

In support of our thermoset molding expertise, we offer a multitude of assembly, sourcing, and secondary operation services.  If your product requires additional operations aside from molding, let us develop custom a solution, from sourcing of inserts to in-house assembly.

MC Sales Solutions represents Woodland Plastics in:

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana