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Innovation in new materials development, polymer sealing and bearing geometries, and manufacturing processes are among the services we provide to offer our customers improved solutions to the toughest engineering problems.

Our delivery is consistent, accurate, on time, and on budget.

That’s our philosophy at Advanced EMC Technologies. We provide quality products to meet your budget and service expectations with a variety of processing technologies in molding, extrusion, and complete fabrication capabilities, from providing energized PTFE seals to Polyimide bearings to implantable polymer medical devices. We strive for the highest quality, unparalleled service, and meeting a customer’s toughest challenges.

PTFE Spring Energized Seals

At Advanced EMC Technologies we manufacture high quality, precision Rotary Shaft and Spring Energized seals for a wide variety of industries. Our most popular material being PTFE.

All PTFE seats and seals are manufactured using both filled and unfilled PTFE.

PTFE provides excellent resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and can handle media at both elevated and semi cryogenic temperatures. PTFE components are commonly specified for applications where attack of an added filler could occur. Typical applications would be fluorine based chemicals which would attack glass or highly oxidizing media which would deteriorate graphite. PTFE is commonly used in Ball Valves specified for hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas service.

Polymer Bearings

Advanced EMC Technologies manufactures three standard types of plain polymer bearings: Sleeved, Flanged, and Thrust.

We are proud to introduce our family of plane polymer bearings and polymer bushings. The use of engineering polymers in dynamic load bearing applications has helped revolutionize virtually all mechanical products. New product designs are continually pushing the limits of engineered plastic materials.

Advanced EMC Technologies is evaluating and researching new advanced polymers on a continued basis to meet the advances in product design, which include higher load bearings, lower friction bearings and high temperature bearings.

We provide quick-turn prototypes, low volume machined to high volume injection molded components in most bearing grade materials such as PEEK bearings, PEEK bushings, PTFE bearings, including Rulon equivalents, nylon bushings, PPS bearings and many more.

Canted Coil Springs

FlexForce Springs from Advanced EMC Technologies are a unique canted coil spring. They were originally designed as an energizer for Teflon seals, and provided a predictable and very flat load curve in the compressed position for seal applications that required highly critical friction and torque specifications.

In the last 20 years, this unique spring design has found applications in connecting two components — “latching and holding” — where the insertion and removal force can be designed with great accuracy.

In addition to mechanical Locking or holding applications, connecting for optimum electrical conductivity is possible due to the small coil size and the number of independent coils. In regard to EMI/RFI shielding applications, the slant coil spring offers an economical design option that can reduce radiated and conducted interference to prevent premature failure in electrical devices. The springs are available in 300 Series Stainless, Hastelloy and copper alloys to meet numerous environmental conditions or specific conductivity or shielding requirements.

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