As one of the world’s leading technology and system providers, DIRAK develops, manufactures, and sells innovative components for enclosure construction – specializing in latching, hinging, and gasketing. Our high quality, customized products function either mechanically or electronically, and have been used for many years in the most demanding applications.

Hinges by Dirak

With our diversese range of hinges, we can fulfill virtually any customer request.

• Concealed or installed visibly
With opening angles of 90°, 120°, or 180°

• Hinges for single cabinets or rows of cabinets

• Hinges for surface-mounted doors and flush-mounted doors

• Versions as concealed hinge, torque hinge or removable hinge

• Stainless steel hinge

Most of our hinges can be installed without tools (DIRAK-SNAP-Technology) and are available in zinc die-cast, polyamide and stainless steel.

Latches by Dirak

In addition to the standard latches, we offer numerous locking systems for special applications, e.g.: Snap lock, tension lock, quick lock.

A concise overview of our assortment in the area of lock technology:

• Lift-and-turn latches
Snap locks (e.g. adjustable snap lock, stainless steel snap lock)
Compression latches (also flush and/or clip-on)

• Tension locks (e.g. adjustable tension lock, stainless steel tension lock)

• Slam latch (among others, as a stainless steel latch with outstanding corrosion resistance)

• Quick locks

• Rim locks

• Vertical bolt

Virtually all latches can be installed without tools and are available in zinc die-cast, polyamide or stainless steel.

Handles by Dirak

We have optimized our handle assortment for a large number of applications:

• Handles for mechanical engineering and tool building

• Handles for the electrical industry

• Handles for medical engineering and the health sector

• Handles for the food industry
The handle product range includes but is not limited to the following:

– Bridge handles
– Finger pulls
– Rod handles
– Hinged recessed handles
– Revolving pull handles

• Handle strips

• Flush handles

• Clip-on grip plates

Virtually all handles can be installed without tools (DIRAK-SNAP-Technology) and are available in zinc die-cast, polyamide, or stainless steel.

Gaskets by Dirak

Ideal for enclosures and electrical cabinets, we developed a variety of gaskets and optimized them for the respective application.

We offer an extensive range of gaskets along with customized gaskets based on a customer’s unique application request.
Depending on a customer’s requirements, we provide gaskets made of PVC, EPDM, Neoprene, NBR, or a combination of foam rubber and PVC.

The EPDM seals by DIRAK adhere to the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety standards. This certification constitutes the basis for the final UL approval for the entire enclosure/cabinet.

Additionally, we produce window profile and edge protection profiles that reduce the risk of injury due to sharp edges.

Get to know our assortment:

• Edge protection profiles

• Window profiles

• Sealing profiles, self-locking sealing profiles

• Rectangular profiles

• Door sealing profiles

• Special profiles

• EMV profiles

and many more

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Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

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