MC Sales Solutions, LLC  is a Multi-Man Professional Manufacturers’ Representative firm serving Original Equipment Manufacturers; OEM’s, Processors, Fabricators and Industrial Distributors within South Central and Gulf Coast regions of the US.

The manufacturers we represent are proven industry leaders in engineered polymers, elastomers, metallic and non-metallic wear components, injection molded thermoset and thermoplastic parts, extruded and compression molded plastic products.

We specialize in fluoropolymer (PTFE) energized seals, rotary shaft seals, self- lubricated plastic and metal bushings and bearings. Injection molding of engineered and advanced polymers for industrial applications, machined or powdered metal components for all industries.

We have the engineering resources to assist from conception, prototype through product launch.

Our team of sales engineers look forward to improving your bottom line with expert representation of your engineered product line.