Metal and Screw Metal Machining

Metal and Screw Metal Machining

Metal machining, particularly screw metal machining is the process of taking metal and, with the help of CNC machines, subtracting material until an end product is made. With the use of CNC machines, the ability to quickly and efficiently replicate several products with perfect accuracy is possible. This cuts labor costs, saving you time and money.

  • Reliability and Accuracy
  • Less Labor Required
  • High Production
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Oil and Gas
  • Housing
  • Electronics
  • and much more!
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Our multi-spindle department is set up to run mid to high volume production.

  1. Davenport model B, size capacity .030 inch (.76mm) round to 1.000 (25.4mm) round with lengths up to 4.500 (114mm).
  2. Teale Servo Davenports, same as above but with more refined parameters of manufacturing capability.
  3. Wickman 6 Spindle, size capacity, .250 inch (6.35mm) round to 1.750 inch (44.45mm) round with lengths to 5.000 inch (127mm) length.

Shown with this picture are various types of materials including brass, stainless, steel and aluminum. These products were produced on our servo and conventional multi-spindles.

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A few are made in combination of secondary machining, such as center less grinding and/or assembly attachments, which equates to a major cost savings to our customers. Using servo driven attachments, we can custom build these apparatuses to produce almost any shape required and at an economical cost.

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