Hudson Technologies

Hudson Technologies’ core capabilities are based on our expertise with a variety of high-performance metals, such as stainless steel and titanium, other metals include; aluminum, cold rolled steel, brass, copper, HY-MU 80 (other shielding alloys available), nickel, and cupro nickel.

Offering customized solutions, our team can meet clients’ specific application needs and specifications — no matter how unusual or complex. Our technical support team works closely with customers from start to finish.

Hudson Technologies is a green manufacturer, using only environmentally-sound lubricants and an aqueous cleaning system. No chlorinated lubricants or solvents are ever used to manufacture our products.

Based in Ormond Beach, FL, Hudson Technologies (formerly Hudson Tool & Die) is located in Volusia County. It is within 20 minutes of Daytona International Airport and just over a one hour drive from airports in Orlando (via I-4) or Jacksonville (via I-95) in East Central Florida.

Hudson Technologies has over 240 team members and is a business of JSJ, a privately held U.S. corporation based in Grand Haven, MI, that designs, develops and markets products and services around the world. Hudson Technologies also has a AS9100D Certification and is ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 compliant.

Medical Device Components by Hudson Technologies

• High-quality tooling and equipment ensure high-quality end parts for critical medical applications.

• More than 130 forming presses (ranging from 1 to 500 tons), including hydraulic and mechanical presses, as well as a servo press with a CNC lower cushion.

• In-house heat treatment options with vacuum and hydrogen annealing capabilities to reduce lead times and provide optimal quality control.

• Housing and casing components for cardio, neuro, cochlear, and other implantable medical devices

• Shields and half-shells

• Battery cases

• Capacitor components

• Stamped and machined lids, covers, and headers

Stampings Modifications by Hudson Technologies

• Beads, Ribs and Flanges
• Bulging
• Coining
• Curling
• Dimpling
• Embossing
• Extruding
• Holes
• Ironing
• Marking
• Necking
• Notches
• Threading
• Trimming

Metal Diaphragms by Hudson Technologies

• Standard Metal Diaphragms: Hudson Technologies manufactures two types of standard metal diaphragms, one for use in high-sensitivity low-pressure (HSLP) applications and the other for use in low-sensitivity high-pressure (LSHP) applications.

All corrugated, these metal diaphragms are available in 1-inch, 1.5-inch, 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch diameters and also feature a variety of deflection ranges (measured at 1.0 PSI); HSLP models’ deflection ranges from 0.001 to 0.0133, while LSHP models’ deflection ranges from 0.001 to 0.033.

• Custom Metal Diaphragms: For applications that cannot make use of our standard metal diaphragms, Hudson Technologies offers custom manufacturing services for metal diaphragms of various types, including corrugated, flat, and ring.

We can custom produce diaphragms ranging from 0.2 inch to 18 inches in diameter using materials between 0.0005 inch and 0.018 inch thick.

We keep various materials on hand in our in-house inventory, including several grades of stainless steel, Inconel® grades 625 and 718, Haynes 242, Hastelloy®, titanium grades 1 and 2, Monel®, and 17-7 PH, with many others available as project needs require. Our metal-to-rubber and metal-to-metal presses can produce high-precision parts with low tooling and production costs.

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