Canted Coil Springs

Canted Coil Springs

Canted coil springs, also known as the slanted coil or slant coil springs, consists of wire that has been coiled and resistance welded to a specific diameter. These springs then become enablers in mechanical or electrical connectors.

In addition to mechanical Locking or holding applications, connecting for optimum electrical conductivity is possible due to the small coil size and the number of independent coils. In regard to EMI/RFI shielding applications, the canted coil spring offers an economical design option that can reduce radiated and conducted interference to prevent premature failure in electrical devices. The springs are available in 300 Series Stainless, Hastelloy and copper alloys to meet numerous environmental conditions or specific conductivity or shielding requirements. They can also be plated with materials such as silver, nickel, and gold. Canted coil springs are easy to maintain, too. They are available in many different configurations, cross sections, and sizes to meet a project’s needs.

Due to its incredible versatility, the canted coil spring has sprung up in popularity across multiple industries including:

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Medical Electromechanical and Devices

The canted coil spring is used in medical implanted and non-implanted devices for connecting (latching and holding) where insertion and removal forces can be specified or for reliable electrical connectivity or one assembly for both. The spring or assembly can be cleaned easily for an ultra-clean environment which is paramount in orthopedic and surgical devices.

Oil & Gas Industry

The demands of oilfield applications include resistance to pressure, temperature and chemical compatibility for downhole and aggressive fluids pumped down hole for fracking.


In applications where reliable connections are critical such electric or hybrid vehicles, canted coil springs are a superior option in these vehicle platforms. The spring’s ability to latch, lock and conduct allows engineers to reduce weight and complex assemblies.

Aerospace & Defense

The canted coil spring is used in connecting designs and protection against lightning strike with the ability to conduct electricity while serving as a locking or connecting mechanism.

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