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Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri

Tech Cast is a privately owned, non-union, ISO 9001-2008 certified investment casting foundry that produces investment castings in a diverse range of alloys including duplex and super duplex stainless steels. Precision craftsmanship, flexibility, and customer oriented with consistent, reliable delivery is our specialty.

Tech Cast produces investment castings in a diverse range of high and low carbon steel grades and exotic alloys to meet your needs. Precision craftsmanship within a tight tolerance and quick turnaround is our specialty.

Rapid Prototyping


For R&D, part repairs, reverse engineers, low production quantities, Tech Cast can meet all of your SLA Rapid Prototype requirements.

Tech Cast is a leader in the investment casting industry producing large SLA Rapid Prototypes to support a broad landscape of industries such as multi-stage pumps for oil & gas, critical shipboard applications for the military, etc. This SLA technology enables Tech Cast to direct manufacture investment castings in as little as a few weeks, and eliminate the need to invest capital money in expensive, long lead-time tooling. This SLA process provides the design engineer the necessary tools, freedom, and flexibility to develop new products/designs directly from a 3D CAD model to an end-use investment casting in a matter of weeks.