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Southern Texas

Complete custom metal stamping and assemblies.  Short, medium and long run stamping.  We will work with you to decide the type of tooling and production method that best meets your volume requirements and cost/benefit needs.

Less Volume – Rapid Prototyping

  • Samples or prototypes
  • Typically less than 1,000 parts annually
  • Manufacture with lasers, turrets, water jet machines, and press brakes
  • No tooling costs, higher piece price

Short Run (Stage Tool) to Medium Run Stamping

  • Low tooling cost
  • Typically 1,000 to 40,000 parts annually
  • Manufacture with stage tools built and maintained in house for life of part
  • Usually one tool for each operation (e.g., blank, form, pierce)
  • One time tooling charge
  • Shared die sets to reduce tool cost
  • Less expensive tools, lower piece price

Progressive, Longer Run Tool Stamping

High tonnage progressive capable metal stamping presses. Including our latest a 400-ton Brown & Boggs press.

  • Higher tooling cost
  • One tool for all operations
  • Typically 40,000 parts or more annually
  • Manufacture with progressive tools built and maintained in house
  • Final part produced with each stroke of the press
  • More expensive tool, lower piece price
  • ISO 9001

Metal Fabrication Stamping

Lasers, Turrets, Press Brakes

  • No tooling cost
  • Typically under 2,000 parts annually
  • Prototypes
  • Start up
  • Lower volumes


We add more value by assembling your complex stampings and components into more advanced sub-modules that can then be easily assembled right into your final OEM product. Save time and money with our assembly services.